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What have I been up to

I haven’t written many posts as of 3 months, but this is due to me not really having anything sane to share. Since I last wrote here I’ve:

- written a couple of jQuery plugins;

- written a large hunk of various code;

- almost learnt Ruby, but I seem to never find time to finish it;

- gotten a Mac - model (finally);

- got addicted to watching my pirated movies / TV series via XBMC (yo ho ho);

- Finally completed Doom 2 (ikr?);

- Bought Duke Nukem: Megaton Edition + Shadow Warrior Redux for a buck here (checked 14.03)

Frankfurt Airport Unlimited Free WiFi (Tip from 12.2013)

Frankfurt recently enabled a T-mobile 30 minute free WiFi hotspot airport-wide. Once the 30 minutes pass, you are required to pay 5 euros for a full day of WiFi. However, there’s a way around it, at least for now.

Once you connect to the WiFi network (It’s called Telekom), you’ll be presented with the login page, which requires an email address from you. Just write your own for starters, then a 30 minute timer will appear and log you out exactly after 30 minutes. Here’s where the trick comes in - once you’re disconnected after the 30 minutes, open your browser’s cookie manager and delete all cookies associated with hotspot.t-mobile and, then proceed to connect again, write out a random email address - presto.